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2021 Week 1 Power Rankings

GEFA Staff
GEFA Staff

Content Writer

Week 1

1. Cyclones 0-0 (–)
Previous Rank: 1

The Champs still run it… for now. Notable losses; Ryan Contento, Coach Kerr, Jermell Fleming, and Shayne Clarke. But the Champs did get some impressive returns; Peter Ireland, Jimmy Buckner, and Ivan Rivera. Until the Champs lose a game you can’t put them anywhere but number 1. It’s been six years since that has happened. Look for the Nation to run the Valley once again all the way to Keystone Bowl X-Seven.

Next Game: 4/10 @ Diamondbacks

2. Comanche 0-0 (–)
Previous Rank: 2

The Mountain Champs are said to be more balanced than ever in their quest to get back to the show. They held the Champs to just six points in the second half of last year’s Keystone Bowl and are foaming at the mouth for one more shot. The Mountain Champs will have to do that without some key pieces from last yea but Free Agency has been good to them with the return of Abdul Murphy.

Next Game: 4/10 vs Thunder

3. Vikings 1-0 (–)
Previous Rank: 3

The Vikings came into their home opener versus the Maniacs and did exactly what everyone thought they were going to do, dominate. Though it was a complete game for the Vikings, it was against the #16 team in our power rankings. The Vikings won 56-8 against a Maniacs team who really seemed to struggle. Until we see some tougher competition for the Vikes its going to be hard to bump them over the Mountain Champs.

Next Game: 4/10 at Tomahawks

4. Hitmen 1-0 (–)
Previous Rank: 4

A lot of people, insiders, have the Hitmen picked to dethrone the Champs this season. That didn’t seem to be the case this weekend as the Hitmen struggled with the Tomahawks. Though they did win the game, 26-4, its hardly what anyone would have thought the score to be. Saturday’s game proved that you can’t judge a team on paper. But then again, its only week 0. Look for the Hitmen to “bounce back” versus the Spartans week 1.
Next Game: 4/10 at Spartans

5. Savages 0-0 (–)
Previous Rank: 5

The Savages come in at number 5 which may be a surprise to some. Carbon County has been hitting the pavement this off-season. They have picked up some big names, like Defensive Rookie of the year Carl Kreidler. The Savages are looking to build on their inaugural 2020 season.

Next Game: 4/10 @ Rage

6. Warriors 0-0 (–)
Previous Rank: 6

The Warriors come in at number seven. Every year they rebuild better than the season before. Last year the Warriors struggled in big games losing to rivals Diamondbacks and Shock. This year they have a new Head Coach and a new attitude. Look for a more comfortable Julius Ward as he goes into his sophomore season with the Iron Eight.

Next Game: 4/10 vs Nightmare

7. Shock 0-0 (–)
Previous Rank: 7

The four time Valley Conference runner up comes in at a bit of surprise at number seven but they’ve lost some huge pieces. QB Corey Talerico has signed with the Cumberland Valley Hitmen and 2019 Offensive Player of the Year, WR Ray Dominguez has retired after a fierce injury last season. The Shock at this point just have more questions than answers.

Next Game: 4/10 @ Mustangs

8. Williamsport Wildcats 1-0 (+1)
Previous Rank: 9

The Wildcats won their first opening day game since 2015. The coach for Wilpo in 2015? Zane Simpson. The coach for the Spartans? Zane Simpson. Coincidence? JR Taylor showed that he truley is the man at quarterback for the Wildcats and mauled the Spartans at home, 74-12. This was a huge game for the Wildcats as they honored a fallen brother, Scott Shaffer #7.

Next Game: 4/10 at Jaguars

9. Tomahawks 0-1 (-1)
Previous Rank: 8

Mifflin County did what everyone expected them to do versus the Hitmen, lose. But what wasn’t expected was how much trouble the Tomahawks gave them. Everyone predicted the Hitmen juggernaut to trample over the Tomahawks. Not the case. The Tomahawks had two trips in the red zone that stalled and two touchdowns called back. By watching the film they also outplayed the heavily favored Hitmen in the second half.

Next Game: 4/10 vs Vikings

10. Rage 0-0 (–)
Previous Rank: 10

Last season the Rage were probably hit harder by the injury bug than any other team in recent memory. Even with the injuries the Rage still had a chance to make it to the playoffs. Frank Susino returns for his final season with Monmouth County. If they can stay healthy expect the Rage to make a solid push for the playoffs.

Next Game: 4/10 vs Savages

11. Mustangs 0-0 (–)
Previous Rank: 11

First years are usually rough for teams in the GEFA. The baptism is almost weekly. Mustangs didn’t win a game in the 2020 season. This year they went after some weapons in the free agent frenzy and got a new offensive coordinator in Dave Lopes.

Next Game: 4/10 vs Shock

12. Jefferson County Jaguars 1-0 (+3)
Previous Rank: 15

The Jaguars make the biggest jump this week after winning another thriller verse the Thunder. From what we are told the Jaguars got themselves a stud at quarterback. Not to be a negative Nancy here but we have seen this scenario play out this way before and it didn’t end well for the Jags. Lets see if Rotsch and the Jags can rewrite the narrative, they have a tall order this week when Wilpo comes to town.

Next Game: 4/10 vs Wildcats

13. Coal County Nightmare 0-0 (–)
Previous Rank: 13

Coming back to the GEFA at 1-6 was not what Head Coach Justin McNulty had envisioned for last season but he knew he had a young inexperienced squad. This year those players have gained experience as well as bringing an old Valley Conference MVP back in Jared Johns at QB.

Next Game: 4/10 @ Warriors

14. Monroe County Diamondbacks 0-0 (–)
Previous Rank: 14

The DBacks are tied for first when it comes to the biggest drop in this season’s preseason power rankings. Low numbers have been reported with the Diamondbacks this entire off season but expect Ben Simon to pull some tricks out of his sleeves.

Next Game: 4/10 vs. Cyclones

15. Flood City Thunder 0-1 (+2)
Previous Rank: 17

Yes, the Thunder lost. But sometimes not all losses are actual losses. Some are a win in disguise. Like this game for instance. The Thunder lost 37-34 but they proved that even faced with adversity that they were going to stick together and fight for each other. With all that said, they face Caseem Johnson again who scorched them for 8 TDs last season.

Next game: 4/10 @ Comanche

16. Columbia County Maniacs 0-1 (–)
Previous Rank: 16

The Maniacs struggled as expected. The defensive line for the Vikings proved to be a huge problem for that Maniac offensive line. The Maniacs have a bye this week before taking the trip to Wilpo.

Next Game: 4/17 @ Wildcats

17. Spartans (-5)
Previous Rank: 12

Welcome back to the GEFA Zane Simpson. The expansion Spartans went to Wilpo and were baptized, 74-12. Zane better have a “come to Jesus” talk with his guys and quickly as they host an angry Hitmen team next week at home.

Next Game: 4/10 vs Hitmen


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