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2021 Week 2 Power Rankings

GEFA Staff
GEFA Staff

Content Writer

Week 2

1. Cyclones 1-0 (–)
Previous Rank: 1

Alarms were sounding off all over Stroudsburg Saturday as an F5 reportedly touched down. Those sirens could only mean that the Champs were back as they handled their business in a rout of the Diamondbacks, 76-26. Though the storm didn’t deter the Dbacks, it did damage a helmet.

Next Game: 4/17 vs Savages

2. Comanche 1-0 (–)
Previous Rank: 2

The Mountain Champs hosted the much improved Thunder for their home opener. It wasn’t an easy of a game as they originally thought but nonetheless the Comanche picked up where they left off in the Mountain as it still runs through them.

Next Game: 4/17 vs Spartans

3. Hitmen 2-0 (–)
Previous Rank: 4

The Hitmen move up this week after a much improved showing this week. The Hitmen pretty much did what they wanted with the young Spartans winning the game 66-0. They have a huge matchup this upcoming week though with the Vikings.

Next Game: 4/17 vs Vikings

4. Tomahawks 1-1 (+5)
Previous Rank: 9

Mifflin County pulled off a huge upset this past weekend vs arch rival Moshannon Valley. The underrated Tomahawk defense held the high powered Viking offense to just eighteen points. Which brings us the question, are these Hawks legit? Time will tell.

Next Game: 4/17 at Thunder

5. Warriors 1-0 (+1)
Previous Rank: 6
The Warriors looked much improved from last year’s team. A lot more discipline. Their Head Coach, Master P, has really turned things around in Wilkes-Barre and you can tell. We’ll see how it goes in the next couple of weeks when they start getting into some stronger competition.

Next Game: 4/17 vs Rage

6. Vikings 1-1 (-3)
Previous Rank: 3

The Vikings sprung a leak in their ship on Saturday as their offense couldn’t get much going against the Tomahawks. Just like the Titanic the Vikings sink in our rankings. Look for the Vikings to try and turn things around as they head on the road to Cumberland Valley.

Next Game: 4/17 at Hitmen

7. Shock 1-0 (–)
Previous Rank: 7

A lot of questions were circling the Shock going into the matchup with the Mustangs. A lot of those questions were answered, but still some remain. The Shock may be one of the most underrated teams in the league this year after everyone they lost in the off-season.

Next Game: 4/17 @ Nightmare

8. Savages 1-0 (-3)
Previous Rank: 5

The Savages traveled to New Jersey Saturday and improved to 1-0 with a win over the Rage, 14-8. We heard it was an ugly win but a win nonetheless. The defense for the Savages was much improved, we need to see more from the Savages to get a pulse of where this team is at.

Next Game: 4/17 @ Cyclones

9. Williamsport Wildcats 2-0 (-1)
Previous Rank: 8

For the first time since 2015 the Wildcats are 2-0 and quickly climbing towards the top of the Mountain Conference standings. Yes, the Wildcats dropped down 1 spot and before Beaghley starts whining, some still believe that their hot start is a result of a weak early schedule.

Next Game: 4/17 vs Maniacs

10. Rage 0-1 (–)
Previous Rank: 10

The Rage came into Saturday’s home opener with the Savages struggling after a horrendous March dealing with Covid. Though the defense looked pretty good, the offense showed that the cohesiveness with showing up to practice was not there.

Next Game: 4/17 at Warriors

11. Jefferson County Jaguars 1-1 (+1)
Previous Rank: 12

The Jaguars continue to make statements this season. They are much improved from years past and it has been showing. The Jags took the Wildcats down to wire which is why we said this game is turning out to be a nice little rivalry.

Next Game: 4/24 vs Comanche

12. Coal County Nightmare 0-1 (+1)
Previous Rank: 13

Nightmare did everything in their power to give away their game to the Warriors. A lot of mental mistakes and a lot of penalties shot the Nightmare in the foot. Losing Devon Postell in the second half to injury. Hopefully, they wake up or this season could be another nightmare.

Next Game: 4/17 vs Shock

13. Mustangs 0-1 (-2)
Previous Rank: 11

The Mustangs had high hopes going into this season. They brought in coaches to help second year coach Billy Minnick and they brought in weapons to help veteran QB Dave Durange. All those changes didn’t help to get them their elusive first win in the GEFA.

Next Game: 4/17 at DBacks

14. Flood City Thunder 0-2 (+1)
Previous Rank: 15

The Thunder continue to lose but also continue to show they are better than the lower half of this ranking. Every week we are more and more impressed with their heart and their ability to show improvement. They may not get the W’s but they will come.

Next game: 4/17 vs Tomahawks

15. Monroe County Diamondbacks 0-1 (-1)
Previous Rank: 14

The DBacks had the unfortunate task of facing the Nation in week 1 in what we dubbed as the Lawn Chair Classic. All the questions about their roster woes were answered as they showed up with 25 guys. Though they stumbled, they are not folding and that is a positive.

Next Game: 4/17 vs. Mustangs

16. Columbia County Maniacs 0-1 (–)
Previous Rank: 16

The Maniacs spent their bye week licking their wounds and getting ready to bounce back verses a very hot Wildcats team in “Billtown”. It’ll be interesting to see how many players show up for this game after that lashing they took from the Vikings in week 0.

Next Game: 4/17 @ Wildcats

17. Spartans 0-2 (–)
Previous Rank: 17

The young Spartans have been outscored 140-12 in their first games of this GEFA season. One thing you can take out of this is so far they haven’t given up. They continue to fight on. If they can just get through this first half gauntlet of a schedule I think they can build some confidence.

Next Game: 4/17 at Comanche


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