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GEFA All-Stars


For the first time ever, all star selections for GEFA are open to the public and we would like to hear from you!

This year we are going with a different format; rather than split players into their usual conferences and limit votes per category per conference, we are going to allow players to be voted in based on their position; regardless of conference. Pretty much, conferences do not matter for all star voting and we want votes on who you think are the best players at those respective positions.

Each category has a maximum number of players that MUST be selected. Your vote will not be submitted unless max players from all categories are selected prior to submitting your vote. You will receive a successful submission message if your vote was successfully placed. You can only submit one vote every 24 hours. If you have any questions, please ask

All voting is officially closed as of June 9, 2018 and below are your 2018 GEFA All-Stars!

After a long process, the results are in for the 2018 all-star selections and we would like to thank everyone for their patience and for taking the time to vote for your favorite, most deserving, all-stars! The live fantasy draft will be held on Sunday, June 24 where honorary captains Nick Parlanti and Nick Sipes will consult with their coaches and start selecting players for their respected teams. Congratulations to all the players selected to represent their teams. Good luck to all players and stay healthy, have fun, and be safe.

Hosted by the MOVA Vikings
Saturday, June 30, 2018 – 4:00 – 7:00 PM
Memorial Field — 100 Loch Lomond Rd, Philipsburg, PA 16866

4:00 PM  – All-Star game kickoff
– Awards Ceremony
– Hall of Fame Presentations
7:00 PM – Keystone Bowl XIV kickoff

Free admission for all ages and hot and cold concessions available on site!

Offensive All-Stars:

Brandon Ellis – Hitmen
Lashawn Brown – Tomahawks
Greg Medina – Cyclones
Corey Talerico – Shock
Billy Thompson – Vikings
Jake Terry – Mt. Lions
Running backs
Malik Breon – Vikings
Garrett Timko – Jaguars
Brian Tamburlin – Mt. Lions
Kyle Kahley – Tomahawks
Caseem Johnson – Comanche
Abdul Murphy – Comanche
Rich Adams – Warriors
Malcolm Coston – Tigers
Michael Rodriguez – Cyclones
Wide Receivers & Tight Ends
Tre Campbell – Comanche
Tom Kolodzieski – Shock
Ray Dominguez – Shock
Mike Stum – Cyclones
Jason Nyhart – Cyclones
LC Brooks – Cyclones
Matt Tavarez – Cyclones
Jordan Bell – Tomahawks
Timmy Beck – Tomahawks
Robert Albro – Tomahawks
Donny Burns – Vikings
Greg Williams – Hitmen
Jermell Fleming – Hitmen
Kyle Redman – Hitmen
Matt Riddick – Predators
Offensive line
Brandon Kinney – Wildcats
Aaron Nicklaus – Mt. Lions
Paul Bullers – Mt. Lions
Ryan Contento – Cyclones
Nick Gilmer – Cyclones
Aqiyl Muhammad – Shock
Shayne Clark – Hitmen
Jeremy Stouffer – Hitmen
Alex Culp – Vikings
Tony Shearer – Tomahawks
Derek Yoder – Tomahawks
David Rotsch – Jaguars
Bryan Polk – Phantoms
Joe Pauline – Comanche
Micah McConnell – Vikings

Defensive All-Stars:

Defensive linemen
Roger Jayne – Shock
Tony Stoeckel – Shock
Jimmy Buckner – Cyclones
Ray Smith-Chant – Cyclones
Mario Lucien – Hitmen
Stevie Eisenhuth – Vikings
Lee Fenderson – Vikings
Nate McHale – Mt. Lions
Tyler Deiter – Comanche
Josh Flynn – Jaguars
Mason Sweitzer – Tomahawks
Chris Maldonado – Tomahawks
Jaden Moyer – Maniacs
Kyle Barrett – Mt. Lions
John Stuffick – Warriors
Ronnie Luckenbill – Cyclones
Chad McHenry – Vikings
TJ Cistrunk – Warriors
Will Frazier – Tomahawks
Jay Adderly – Wildcats
George Keys – Hitmen
Demarcus Reeves – Hitmen
Josh Mercer – Mt. Lions

Defensive backs
Chris Pursel – Warriors
Troy O’Brian – Jaguars
Tyler Osterhout – Vikings
Ryan Watkins – Vikings
Sean Steave – Vikings
Caleb Gehman – Tomahawks
Jon Bell – Tomahawks
Chris McClellan – Tomahawks
Ivan Rivera – Cyclones
Tyler Fink – Cyclones
Matt Talerico – Shock
Jermaine Williams – Hitmen
Kevin Clarke – Hitmen
Zach Barndt – Predators
Rob Bradley – Comanche
Kenneth Reed – Comanche

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