GEFA Documents

This page contains all official GEFA documents, with download links, for any team to have available at their convenience. This page will be updated with more documentation and forms as they become available. Any document or form provided to the Great Eastern Football Association for submission, acceptance, and/or approval of statistical data and input for regular season games and/or for contracting of newly acquired players, must download and utilize the forms provided on this page otherwise their submission is void and will not be accepted until proper procedure is followed.

NOTE: Only stats submitted via email with the official stat sheet below will be accepted. All stats MUST be submitted to

Official GEFA Stat Sheet
Click one of these options to download the official GEFA Stat Sheet  Word, Excel, or  PDF
GEFA Roster Submission Form
Click here to download the official GEFA Roster Submission Form. This form is to be used annually when submitting official rosters to the league.

If a player being added has played on a previous GEFA team in the past or if the player is a rookie and has never played on a GEFA team, please make sure to indicate which they are on the form.  If the player is a returning player on the team, there is no need to write anything, so please leave it blank:

Word , Excel, or   PDF
GEFA Contract Form
Click here to download the official GEFA Contract document Word 


Weekly Predictions

2019 GEFA All-Stars

All voting is officially closed as of June 4 and below are your 2019 GEFA All-Stars! Teams will be selected on Thursday, June 6, at 8 PM ET, when we will be holding our live all-star fantasy draft; Team Wrobbel vs Team High! All-Star game is set to kickoff June 29 @ 1PM ET!

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