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This page was created to keep track of different ideas players and coaches want implemented on the page. We all want new and better features, but sometimes, they simply just aren’t available yet. Unless we have a programmer in GEFA that I am not aware of, the only way to get new requested features that aren’t available is to let the developers know we want them and they are important for us to have!

Some of these ideas have already been suggested, however, they do not have enough votes for them to be implemented in the system yet. Because of this, I have included the links to some of the most popular ideas some have already been asking for around our league, and some other ideas that would help the website on the back-end with development and implementation. If you think of something you do not see and wish to suggest it, feel free to use the Contact Us page to submit your thought.   


Simply click the idea you like below, enter your email address at the top, and then click Vote. That’s it. The more votes, the better the chances the feature will become available in the near future and then implemented on our site! 

Detailed Player Stats per game 

Team and Player Registration

Live Score during games

Better Import for Stats

Develop Mobile App to view site

Bold text for winning team

Color winning/losing team score

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