Upper Dauphin Comanche

  • Location: Halifax, PA


Monk Williams

EMail Address


Home Field Address

108 Chestnut Street, Halifax, PA 17032


Est. 2016

Conference: Mountain*

Overall record: (14-16)


2016 (3-7)
2017 (4-5)
2018 (7-3; 0-1)

*formerly Valley conference


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Comanche – 19

Capital City Gorillas vs Upper Dauphin Comanche
Gorillas Field
Berks County Raptors vs Upper Dauphin Comanche
Raptors Field
Monroe County Diamondbacks vs Upper Dauphin Comanche
Diamondbacks Field
NEPA Shock vs Upper Dauphin Comanche
VFW Memorial Field
Upper Dauphin Comanche vs NCP Mt Lions
Comanche Field
Mifflin County Tomahawks vs Upper Dauphin Comanche
Rec Park
Columbia County Kings vs Upper Dauphin Comanche
Kings Field
Upper Dauphin Comanche vs Jefferson County Jaguars
Comanche Field
Upper Dauphin Comanche vs Moshannon Valley Vikings
Comanche Field
Williamsport Wildcats vs Upper Dauphin Comanche
Roadhouse Field
Upper Dauphin Comanche vs Lancaster County Cyclones
Comanche Field
Upper Dauphin Comanche vs Mifflin County Tomahawks
Comanche Field
Moshannon Valley Vikings vs Upper Dauphin Comanche
Memorial Field
Keystone Bowl XV - Lancaster County Cyclones vs Upper Dauphin Comanche
Selingsgrove Area High School

Team News

Mountain Conference - 19


Comanche Roster – 19

#PlayerPositionHeightWeight (lbs)
0Abdul Murphy JrWide Receiver, Defensive Back, Punt Returner6'0"180
1Jordan BellWide Receiver, Defensive End5'10"220
2Robert BradleyCorner Back5'9"170
4Kevin WarrenRunning Back, Wide Receiver, Kick Returner5'8"180
5Quinton ThomasCorner Back, Safety6'1"186
6Caseem JohnsonRunning Back, Linebacker5'5"190
7Mike DeTempleQuarterback6'3"190
9Ronald LuckenbillLinebacker5'9"230
11Brandon DerrQuarterback6'1"205
12Dwayne LeeWide Receiver, Kicker5'11"170
13Kyle RedmanWide Receiver6'2"205
13Elijah CrutchQuarterback, Defensive End--
14Greg WilliamsWide Receiver6'3"180
20Caleb GehmanRunning Back, Wide Receiver, Linebacker5'8"177
21Jon BellCorner Back5'10"190
22Mark AnthonyLinebacker5'10"200
23Mike GallettaCorner Back, Safety6'1"190
24Nate SwaringenRunning Back, Defensive End, Nose Tackle6'2"270
25Trey CampbellQuarterback, Wide Receiver, Tight End6'2"225
26Dorian VillagranDefensive End, Linebacker, Kicker6'0"200
27Kenneth ReedCorner Back, Safety, Linebacker6'0"185
28Eric ThompsonRunning Back, Tight End5'9"230
29John Curtis JrDefensive End, Linebacker--
30Lawrence HughesRunning Back6'0"235
31Tyler DeiterDefensive End, Nose Tackle5'10"205
36Talic CooperCorner Back5'7"155
38Brandon DuncanDefensive Back6'1"195
52Angelo GallettaDefensive End6'2"210
54John CusterCenter, Linebacker5'8"230
55Cyle HinsonOffensive Tackle6'1"250
58Jake StoudtDefensive End, Nose Tackle5'10"220
64Arthur LewisNose Tackle6'0"270
68Joseph PaulineOffensive Guard6'4"245
81Lonnie Turner JrDefensive Tackle6'2"250
88Luis TeronOffensive Guard6'4"305
91Curtis SmithCenter, Offensive Guard, Defensive Tackle6'4"350
99Skyler HoffmanCenter, Defensive Tackle6'4"325

Comanche Coaching Staff - 19


Comanche Passing – 19

Brandon Derr1197394861.313.0227
Trey Campbell361929852.815.770
Kevin Warren425150.025.511

Comanche Receiving – 19

Dwayne Lee2137918.012
Greg Williams2235516.113
Trey Campbell2325911.33
Caleb Gehman1820911.61
Abdul Murphy Jr33913.01
Caseem Johnson4297.30
Kevin Warren22010.00
Kyle Redman11111.00
Jordan Bell11111.00

Comanche Rushing – 19

Caseem Johnson996866.921
Trey Campbell333119.46
Brandon Derr501743.59
Kevin Warren171046.15
Caleb Gehman8405.02
Nate Swaringen22010.02
Dwayne Lee11919.00
Ronald Luckenbill188.00

Comanche Defense – 19

Ronald Luckenbill795701000
Tyler Deiter6541521200
Kenneth Reed6410.5121050
Jordan Bell56102103301
Jon Bell3410201220
Abdul Murphy Jr310012840
Quinton Thomas260000111
Robert Bradley240000920
Caseem Johnson2303.521000
Arthur Lewis231302001
Mike Galletta180010000
Mark Anthony1620.501100
Dorian Villagran1412.510010
Jake Stoudt101101000
Nate Swaringen90200100
Talic Cooper70010000
Caleb Gehman72011000
Trey Campbell60001000
Brandon Duncan40000000
Curtis Smith40000000
Elijah Crutch42100000
Greg Williams30000000
Kevin Warren10000000
Brandon Derr10000000
Cyle Hinson10000000

Comanche Kicking/Punting – 19

Dorian Villagran319824000
Trey Campbell153750000
Brandon Derr83651000
John Custer8218031050
Elijah Crutch2690000
Dwayne Lee1200000

Comanche Returns/Punt Returns – 19

Abdul Murphy Jr163572000
Kevin Warren81881000
Caseem Johnson51580000
Caleb Gehman51081000
Dwayne Lee2510000
Trey Campbell2431000
Quinton Thomas23402290
John Custer1311000
Mark Anthony1200000
Elijah Crutch170000